Types of smoking glass pipes that are taking over the industry

Smoking is the act of inhaling fumes from a dried burning piece of vegetation from certain plants with the intention of having the stimulating effects of the smoke to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

The most common legal plant that is smoked is tobacco. Marijuana is legal in some countries and illegal in others. Smoking can be done for recreational purposes or medicinal purposes.  Tobacco smoking is practiced by approximately 1 billion people worldwide.

The history of smoke dates back to as long as 5000BC. It was mostly done in religious ceremonies as people believed the stimulating effects of smoking brought them closer to God. It actually evolved through different cultures around the world independently including China, India, Babylon, and the Americas.

How smoking is done varies greatly, but all types of smoking involve a smoking tool. Cigarette and cigar smoking is the most common so far. Cigarette smoking involves rolling the dried leaves in a piece of paper equipped with a filter and smoked from the filter side.  A cigar involves rolling the leaves without crushing them. In some African traditions, people would lock themselves in a stuffy room and let the substance smolder while they inhale the smoke.

Various pipes have also evolved as paraphernalia for smoking. Companies have different styles of making the pipes cool and stylish such as those produced by Mile High Glass Pipes.

Traditional, pipes were mostly made from wood and clay. Currently, pipes are also made from enamel and glass is also very popular.

Here are some of the glass pipes used in smoking.

Glass Spoon Pipe

This is a very popular pipe design. Their name stems from their design that mimics a spoon. Initially, they were similar and simply made, but currently, different design and decorations have evolved making them more stylish. They are very popular with medicinal smoking though it’s recommended you clean your pipe thoroughly before use. It consists of a pouch for the substance from which stems a narrow hollow pipe that you put in the mouth. It is the oldest mode of smoking, and smoking pipes are popular with item collectors.

The herb is ground but not into powder to avoid inhaling it. It is then placed in the pouch and lit. You stop smoking when the herb turns into ash.

Glass Smoking Bong

A bong is a tool very popular with marijuana smokers. Unlike the pipe, a bong is a filtration device. Bongs are installed with a water chamber where water is placed and through which the smoke passes before it’s inhaled by the consumer. The purpose of the water is to trap particles that are too big and water-soluble particles to only allow the substance the smoker intends to smoke to pass through. It is thus considered to present a purer substance to the smoker.

Different types of stylish bongs have evolved and are manufactured by different pipe companies.

Dab rigs

A dab rig is more like a bong but designed for smoking oils and concentrates. They are more recent than bongs. They use a dab nail to vaporize the substance one intends to smoke.


Chillums are more like smoking pipes but instead of the herb pouch, they are conical in shape where the tapering end is the mouthpiece, and the larger end is where the substance is placed.


Just like dab rigs, bubblers are somehow similar to bongs – they are smaller than bongs though hence more portable than bongs. Another thing, bubblers are made as one single piece rather than different assembled pieces like the bong.  Bubblers are thus just like small bongs that cannot be dismantled.


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