[wordpress_file_upload]Feminism and equality are two different things. Let no one cheat you that feminism advocates for equality because the truth is that feminism advocates for female dominion and superiority. Feminists claim that society is male-dominated because they think that most of the wealth is owned by men, most of the power is held by men and most women work for minimum wage.

This notion is actually wrong because most of the people in prison are male, most of the people who die in war are male, and most of the people who commit suicide are male so I wonder how the society is male-dominated. You cannot take a small proportion of elite men and equate it to the whole population.

Another argument that feminists bring forth is that females working in male-dominated organizations are side-lined. This is the vaguest claim I have ever heard. In fact, men get sidelined more in female-dominated organizations compared to men. Look at an organization like Safaricom which is female-dominated, men have no say there and in fact, men are not allowed to sit for some meetings.

There are so many girl-nights out where men are not allowed to attend but you will never hear of a boy-night out where women aren’t allowed. This clearly shows how feminism is not about equality but about female-dominion.

If a woman attacks a man and beats him up, she will be referred to as brave but if a man attacks a woman and beats her up (even in self-defense) he is referred to as a coward while the victim will be referred to as brave.

If a man suddenly kisses a woman, feminists will be all over his guts calling him a pervert and yarning for his blood but if a woman suddenly kisses a man, she is considered to be the most romantic woman ever to live.

Let us look at a feminist like Betty Kyalo, Lillian Mulli or Caroline Mutoko. These are some of the worst feminists Kenya has ever heard. They are the types of women who cannot settle with one man. They sleep around with politicians and dump men who truly love them. They then talk trash after the men because feminists claim to be perfect.

I know most of Kenyans are Christians and Muslims. Biblically, feminism is against the laws of God. The Bible gives the man the authority to be the head of the house and not the woman. The Bible goes ahead to say that a woman should submit to a man but feminists who claim to be straight Christians want to turn this upside down to be the head of the house and control men.

Our education systems are filled with toxic feminism. Women are taught in school that success is to be independent of men and live without men. Nowadays young girls think that it is cool and independent to be a lesbian and that is why females like Kirigo, Jacky Maribe and Terri Anne Chebet were caught in a lesbian orgy and these are supposed to be the role models of our society.

Some Malayas like Akothee claim to be independent and rich when they have depended on men throughout their lives and they are still depending on men till their death. They sleep with men for money and insult men who are not willing to pay for their filthy black holes.

The real successful and self-made women such as Rogo Manduli understand that the society doesn’t require feminists and that is why they are against feminism. Organizations such as FIDA claim to empower women but the truth is that they are there to enrich themselves from the ignorant women. These are a bunch of ugly bitches that cannot attract a man so the only consolation they have is to insult men and campaign against men.

Everything this feminist’s use was made by the same men they are trying to put down. Their cars, phones, pads and even the dildos they insert in their vaginas were made by men.


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